The highly dedicated cadre at Detachment 520 is focused on providing the best education, training, and guidance towards preparing tomorrow’s Air Force Officers. Our cadre consists of active duty officers and non-commissioned officers to teach required courses, and manage training and personnel actions.

Detachment Commander – Bryan D. Mundhenk, Lt Col, USAF

The Detachment Commander is the most senior-ranking officer assigned to the detachment. The commander serves as the Professor of Aerospace Studies at Cornell University, holding the academic rank of professor and the university rank of department chairperson. He also teaches the freshmen level Aerospace Studies courses. To view Lt Col Mundhenk’s career bio, click here.

Operations Flight Commander – Steven T. Lane, Capt, USAF

The Operations Flight Commander supervises the cadet wing in the conduct of Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) activities. This includes ensuring that LLAB objectives are fulfilled, that cadet leadership positions are filled, and that cadets treat each other with respect. Capt Heath also teaches the senior-level Aerospace Studies course, National Security Affairs & Prep for Active Duty.

Recruiting Flight Commander – 


The Recruiting Flight Commander manages programs to identify, attract, and retain cadets for the AFROTC program. This includes being responsible for public affairs and outreach events. He also teaches the freshman-level Aerospace Studies course, Heritage & Values.

Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge – MARK A. BONNER, TSgt, USAF


The Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) manages personnel and cadet pay actions. He ensures all cadets meet medical, physical, and academic standards for cadet enlistments, categorization, and commissioning. To view TSgt Bonner’s career bio, click here.

Cornell Staff – Robin Nichols

Ms. Nichols serves as the liaison between the active-duty Air Force cadre and the five universities affiliated with Det 520. She manages university funds, student enrollments, and serves as the Det 520 admissions manager. Ms. Nichols also served in the United States Army for 7 years. She has been at Cornell for 11 years.